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Stockton, California has one of the United States oldest and largest Filipino-American populations. Early Filipino Immigrants came to the United States in search of education and a better life. It is said the bravest and strongest were the first to come. Many of these first wave immigrants used the applied knowledge of the Filipino Martial Art of Escrima to weather all threats the world as well as World War II had to offer.


WW2 - "Bahala Na Regiment" (circa 1942)

Today Filipino Martial Art Classes, Seminars, and Workshops are hosted on Sunday mornings at the Shingu Fighter Gym in Stockton. Included in the curriculum are elements of Eastern Kickboxing, Brazilian Grappling, as well as a heavy dose of Traditional Filipino Fighting Methods.

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Newberry Location - Stockton


Instructor - Eric Abrescy


Fundamentals played in the open.


California Street Training Group


Little "J"


Christopher Abrescy - Merced Workshop


Sparring - Merced Workshop


Escrima Concepts - Merced Adult Class






Triangle choke


Stockton Escrima Club - De Kalasag Logo


Newberry Location - Downtown Stockton


Uncle Sabio with his niece's boyfriend!


Justin and Eric




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