Thursday, July 3, 2014

Today at 5pm.

Come check out our Thursday Class, Have a good time and learn some solid self defense skills. 
Call or text (209)406-5160

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Evening Classes...

Thursday evenings are reserved for adult defense training. A typical class starts with a light warm up that progresses into striking of all kinds. Once a particular strike or attack tactic is defined, we spend time addressing or countering that threat in both armed (stick, knife, sword) and unarmed variations. A few extra topics are thrown in near the end of class as food for thought. If this sounds like this may be for you, come check us out. We hold class every Thursday from 5-7pm. Can't make the first hour? No problem, show up at 6! Women & Men of all ages welcome. Hope to see you there.

Thursday Classes are held at the Shingu Fighter Gym in North Stockton, across from Lincoln Center. 6852 Pacific Ave, Stockton. Call or text (209)406-5160 for more info.

Thanks for checking with us!

New - Adult Self Defense Classes in Lathrop!

New for June 2014 at the Lathrop Community Center 

Adult Self Defense Classes!
Tuesdays 7-8pm.
Lathrop Community Center 
15557 Fifth Street
Lathrop, California

Not your typical self defense class, we pack a lot of material in a short amount of time. We have designed our "core curriculum" for the beginner. Students learn to quickly understand and apply the techniques and concepts of fighting on your feet, countering from the clinch, and escape-evade-disable on the ground. Classes  typically include the use of training weapons as participants learn both armed (stick, knife, sword) and unarmed (hand to hand fighting) techniques simultaneously.  No experience necessary. Beginners are encouraged to attend. For more information call or text (209)406-5160 or contact the Lathrop Community Center at (209)941-7373. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

GM Leo Giron - Style w/out a Style

Some very rare footage of our Instructor Grand Master Leo M. Giron.  

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What to look for in a kids martial arts program.

I am often asked what should one look for when choosing a martial arts program for their child.  Generally speaking you should visit a number of schools and watch a few classes. Find a few that you feel comfortable with then maybe bring your child to view the classes with you. Bottom line, if you can afford the fees; and the class times fit into your schedule; and your child seems enthusiastic about the class then give it a try. I have always been one for testing the waters before jumping in, so buy your kid the basics if uniforms are required. Sparring gear and practice weapons should be reserved as a reward for your child's interest and dedication. In the beginning, almost any school is better than none at all. 

Bahala Na Multi-Style Escrima Club of Stockton, California. 

Our classes are energetic and loud. We open with a sign of respect and warm ups consisting of striking and swinging movements with a stick. After warm up exercises, kids are broken up into groups usually by skill level or age. Each group is lead by a seasoned & experienced instructor. Students learn techniques from one of Grand Master Leo Giron's many defense systems using a rattan stick. Unarmed or empty hand applications are often taught after the "stick" technique is absorbed. No one fails in our classes. Both kids and adults who need a little extra attention are paired with a n advanced student for a time until the new student catches on. For those who catch on fast or posses a natural talent we move them to a group that is close to their skill level to promote learning and maintain interest. Classes are close by announcements, a sign of respect, and high fives all around.

All children and adults 7 to 77 are hereby invited to check out any of our classes and or participate. Please contact us for the latest class schedule. (209)406-5160 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Guro Inosanto - Filipino Martial Arts Demo at the Smithsonian

One of the most complete overviews of the Filipino Martial Arts available anywhere. Enjoy.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Filipino Martial Art of Escrima is great for Kids....

Teaching our youngest to give it their all at the 
Bahala Na Multi-Style Wilton War Games 2013.