Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Last Sunday....

Did I mention that classes have been pretty fun lately? Everyone is starting to progress and the changes in the way they move are obvious. Recently, I been keeping the numbers low, which allows focused individualized training. I've also changed the training mode from "Adapt" to "Remember." Something new, something semi-difficult, something fun is the general rule. Here's a few pics from last Sunday's kids class. My buddies kids were visiting, so I threw them in. They took to the material nicely. Again, great work everyone! I could not be prouder. ~g.

~ Estilo Larga Mano ~
(but the kids just call it Escrima)

~ Circut Training - Stand Up Skills ~

Kicking, Pushing, Slapping, Striking, Push Ups, and Sit Ups.

~ Applied Grappling, Teamwork, Leadership, Strategy, Roughhousing ~

I been telling the kids they need to learn to move safely. For awhile every class produced a minor bump, eye poke, or bruise. On a daily basis we cover accidental head butts, hand steps, smashing and it's prevention. It's been paying off. Here the kids had 10 seconds to come up with a strategy to stop the crawler from crossing the mat. They succeeded by the 5th try.

No injuries reported!

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