Monday, November 23, 2009

Bahala Na Multi-Style - Sacramento

On Thursday, while the world was waiting in line to see the much anticipated vampire flick of flicks "New Moon," the kids and I ventured to Sacramento to see first hand what is really going on with Uncel Dexter's Club. What we found was spirit, heart, flavor, and skill. Thanks to the entire club for allowing the kids and I to be a part of something good and special. Here are a few pic. I have a few more, but currently having issues uploading. Enjoy the few and always check back for more!

Bahala Na Multi-Style's "Senior of Seniors" Miestro Dexter Labanog.

Local Hotties! :)
Kailani and Loret.

Pre-skull strike!
(A half-a-beat before Dexter took one to the dome!)

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