Sunday, September 5, 2010

Larga Mano - Reterada Drill

(Aka. Largo Mano) Is commonly practiced as a long range stick fighting method. Our late instructor Grandmaster Leo M. Giron used Larga Mano weaponry (bolo and panabas), concepts, and techniques in defense of the Philippines during World War II. An Escrimador before the war, Grandmaster Giron learned first hand the real meaning of hand to hand close quarter combat. As a US soldier in the Allied Intelligence Breau (A.I.B.) He was responsible for gathering intelligence and organizing local resistance, laying the groundwork for General Douglas McCarthur's liberation of the Philippines. Attached is a clip of Dexter Labanoog and myself freestyling one of the major drills passed on to us by Grandmaster Giron.

Dedicated to my friend and instructor Leo Giron. The more we sweat, the more we burn reminds us of our time with you.

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