Monday, December 13, 2010

Questionable Intent...

Attached is a video recently produced with the intent to be hurtful toward people who disagree with their point of view. Sad things have come to this. I drafted a response that will probally never see the light of day other than here... please read the comments then enjoy the video. (or via versa :) ~G.

It’s always good to hear and see footage of Leo. I miss him dearly and think of him constantly. I know all who were close to him do. Thank you posting! Thank you, but also shame on you for using Leo’s name and images to settle your personal grievances, especially when there are claims are being made of taking the “high road.” Instead of focusing on the many gifts Leo bestowed upon “us all” and the positive impact he has made and continues to make on martial practitioners world wide both past, present, and future, people are left wondering about the back story and the rift within his organization. Leo’s Legacy deserves better than that.

To respond to claims, I don’t believe Tony Somera’s position as Bahala Na’s Grand Master has ever been put into question. I was there when Tony was promoted. It happened. I also don’t disagree that within his jurisdiction, Tony Somera has the right to change, rename, mix, and create anything he wants. He’s done a good job modifying, stretching, and adapting Leo’s material so far and I congratulate him. In a lot of ways I look forward to seeing even more. Again, no one should be saying he can’t.

“Giron Speaks – For the Record” is definitely eye opening. As shady as filming private conversations that were never ment for public viewing seems and presenting them in a way that is intended to be hurtful to members of Leo’s own family, and producing them as a one sided presentation of the bigger picture, I believe Leo’s own statements within the film strongly reinforces the one thing we the members of Bahala Na Multi-Style “HAVE” always claimed both in writing and through word of mouth. “We gather independently from other Giron Escrima Organizations to Honor our teacher and friend Leo Giron in the best way we know how… by teaching Leo Giron’s Original Art of Escrima.”

Yes, we (Bahala Na Multi-Style Escrima Club) teach the old style from the old worksheets. And although the new style or “new worksheet” is sanctioned and certified by the Leo Giron’s legitimate successor… “it’s just not Leo’s material.” Thank you for making that clear.

Many blessing to you and yours.

Glenn Abrescy

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