Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bahala Na Multi-Style Graduation - Greg Balubar

One of the most honored traditions passed to us from the late Grand Master Leo Giron is Graduation. Graduation means you have completed the basic curiculum and have over time have displayed a certain mastery, maturity, and understanding of Grand Master Giron's Original System. Over the years the organizers of Bahala Na Multi-Style Eskrima Club have maintained and and in some cases increased the vigor and intensity of the vetting process leading up to Graduation. Simply put: "We believe Graduates should have the skills to thrive and if necessary survive in a sometimes violent world."

Critics and opponents to our Graduations often refer to our methods as "hazing" or "jumping in process" as if we are thugs or some sort of a gang. Sadly, many critics suffer from a heavy dose of "sour grapes" or lack the will to travel the very long and difficult road to skill. In fact, the safety and well being of our graduation candidiates and proctors are our highest priority. The lack of significant injury suffered during a Multi-Style graduation is a testament to our care and concern. We would never put a candidate in a situation for which he or she was ill prepared.

In the words of June Gotico just minutes before our most recent graduation was to begin, "These are our kids. We raised them. If they get hurt it's our fault. Don't go out there and kill them, but it's still a test so make them work for it. All hands in. "Bahala Na" on three for Leo (Grand Master Leo Giron)"
1... 2... 3...
Bahala Na!

Please enjoy an unedited clip of the Bahala Na Multi-Style Graduation Ceremony that was held on October 13, 2012. Congratulations Carolyne, Greg, Kailani, and Phillip. You made us proud!

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