Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What to look for in a kids martial arts program.

I am often asked what should one look for when choosing a martial arts program for their child.  Generally speaking you should visit a number of schools and watch a few classes. Find a few that you feel comfortable with then maybe bring your child to view the classes with you. Bottom line, if you can afford the fees; and the class times fit into your schedule; and your child seems enthusiastic about the class then give it a try. I have always been one for testing the waters before jumping in, so buy your kid the basics if uniforms are required. Sparring gear and practice weapons should be reserved as a reward for your child's interest and dedication. In the beginning, almost any school is better than none at all. 

Bahala Na Multi-Style Escrima Club of Stockton, California. 

Our classes are energetic and loud. We open with a sign of respect and warm ups consisting of striking and swinging movements with a stick. After warm up exercises, kids are broken up into groups usually by skill level or age. Each group is lead by a seasoned & experienced instructor. Students learn techniques from one of Grand Master Leo Giron's many defense systems using a rattan stick. Unarmed or empty hand applications are often taught after the "stick" technique is absorbed. No one fails in our classes. Both kids and adults who need a little extra attention are paired with a n advanced student for a time until the new student catches on. For those who catch on fast or posses a natural talent we move them to a group that is close to their skill level to promote learning and maintain interest. Classes are close by announcements, a sign of respect, and high fives all around.

All children and adults 7 to 77 are hereby invited to check out any of our classes and or participate. Please contact us for the latest class schedule. (209)406-5160 

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