Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Evening Classes...

Thursday evenings are reserved for adult defense training. A typical class starts with a light warm up that progresses into striking of all kinds. Once a particular strike or attack tactic is defined, we spend time addressing or countering that threat in both armed (stick, knife, sword) and unarmed variations. A few extra topics are thrown in near the end of class as food for thought. If this sounds like this may be for you, come check us out. We hold class every Thursday from 5-7pm. Can't make the first hour? No problem, show up at 6! Women & Men of all ages welcome. Hope to see you there.

Thursday Classes are held at the Shingu Fighter Gym in North Stockton, across from Lincoln Center. 6852 Pacific Ave, Stockton. Call or text (209)406-5160 for more info.

Thanks for checking with us!

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