Thursday, September 19, 2013

Escrima Classes - Lathrop Community Center.

Learn Escrima, the Filipino Martial Art, at the Lathrop Community Center.

Every Tuesday 6 - 7PM.
Only $40 per month!

No Experience necessary. Beginners to Master Level Instruction Offered. 
Escrima : Stick, Sword, Knife, Hand to Hand Defense. 

Lathrop Community Center 15557 Fifth Street Lathrop, CA 95330
Lathrop Community Center - (209) 941-7370

We (the Instructors of Grand Master Leo Giron's Original System) are proud to announce classes in the Leo Giron Method of Traditional Filipino Escrima starting now! For years it has been our goal to bring the Filipino Defense Arts back to the communities where it all started. Please come to help us make our project a success! Thanks for looking. :)

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