Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kali Method Seminar, South San Francisco 2013

Kali Method Seminar, South San Francisco 2013

We had a great time training with Guro JC and his Kali Method Seminar. Now I have been to many workshops and seminars over the years and the quality of numerous grand masters & guros, has been sub-standard. So much in fact, that I have given up on attending seminars all together. 

Guro JC and Guro Nim have restored my faith in the future of the Filipino Fighting Arts. Although I have seen or trained in the arts and methods presented, JC has taken ownership for his teachings, in a sense has breathed new life into old traditions. In the 4 short hours we covered breathing, philosophy, knife concepts (standing), retentions, disarms, distance, timing, & sparring... then we took it to the ground. 

Catch a Kali Method Seminar if you can! 

 Stockton ex-pat Crystal.

Guro Nim. 


 Sensei Lester.

Great to see GM Michael Giron of Original Giron Federation (OGE) Always good to see GM Mike. 

The Man himself Guro JC. 

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